• There used to be a time when if you mentioned the word vinyl flooring to most people they would turn up their noses, believing it to be a really cheap flooring option and one which was only used by people who could not afford proper carpet. It may have been true then, but it is certainly not true now, because there is now a wide range of vinyl flooring options which can match some of the best carpets or other types of flooring covering for that matter.

    The first thing to mention is that vinyl tile flooring now looks much better than it did years ago. There are now many different types of design available, and these range from vinyl tiles which can look like some of the classic wood patterns through to tiles which look like ceramic tiles rather than vinyl. These are all great for places such as the kitchen or an entrance porch, and although some people may still use them in fairly small rooms they can look absolutely brilliant when they are used as a floor covering for a large room such as an open plan kitchen. In many cases the design is so good that it really looks like a genuine wood floor.

    However, one of the best things about vinyl floor tiles is that they are easy to clean. The technology has improved greatly over the past few years and the surface is now covered in such a way that they do not becomes scuffed or scratched as easy as they once did. This means that when they become dirty all that is usually needed is to wipe them with a cloth, or use a mop. Once this is done the tiles will show up almost as good as new, and some of the higher grades will actually keep their looks for decades.

    Some of the more recent design innovations have included vinyl tiles that have excellent sound insulation and heat insulation properties which means that they can be laid over a concrete floor, for instance, and still be fairly warm to the touch. Although they may not be as warm as carpet, they're warm enough for most situations and also have the added advantage, as outlined above, of being extremely easy to clean, which more than compensates.

    So if you are looking for a flooring option and you think that vinyl is a cheap option, it may be worth your while to think again. It is still certainly a cheap option, but this is not reflected in the way they lookFind Article, since vinyl tiles can now really add a great design touch to any room.